Rabbi Ross and family settle in Vancouver
Friday, 09 September 2011 20:03

Popular Calgary Community Kollel leader, Rabbi Samuel Ross and his wife Gila have left Calgary to pursue new opportunities for their young family in Vancouver.

The Ross’s, originally from Britain, came to Calgary four years ago to participate in the opening of the Calgary Community Kollel. Rabbi Ross was instrumental in developing programming for Jewish youth and young adults in the city, while Gila provided Jewish learning for preschoolers. Both were feted at a going away party held recently at the House of Jacob.

Rabbi Yisroel Miller thanked Rabbi Ross for his contributions to the Jewish community as a youth leader and commended him for his dedication for hours of daily Torah study with his Kollel partner, Rabbi Chaim Safran. He said that through their sincere efforts, the two rabbis at the Kollel have inspired others in Calgary to study Torah and apply it in daily life.

“Their success is becoming widely known throughout Calgary and in other Jewish communities around the world,” said Rabbi Miller.

Rabbi Chaim Safran said, “we in Calgary have benefited greatly from the Ross family. The both put in a lot of effort in reaching out to youth . . . kids, teens and university students.  They have helped change the face of Calgary.”

Rabbi Ross was very grateful in response. He thanked his Torah study partner, Rabbi Safran and singled out Milton Bogoch, who, against considerable odds, persisted in pursuing his vision to establish a community Kollel in Calgary, which would be a centre for the study and spreading of Torah values throughout the community.

Rabbi Ross said he was delighted with the response to the Kollel’s youth programming and he was very proud of how enthusiastically so many youth had embraced Jewish participation.

“I feel like I have seen four years of miracles. It is exciting; it is beautiful that so many of our youth have embraced Judaism with a real depth. I think we have a beautiful Jewish future in Calgary.”

Rabbi Ross and Gila literally had the van line at the door the night of their farewell. In Vancouver Gila will continue to offer Judaism classes to preschoolers while Rabbi Ross takes on the position of executive director of Vancouver NCSY, a denominational organization for youth founded in 1942 by the Orthodox Union.

Replacing Rabbi Ross in Calgary is Rabbi Ze’ev Clement, who is already here with his wife Bayla and their young daughter.

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