UJAplus Launches in Calgary
Friday, 09 September 2011 20:59

The Annual UJA Campaign has begun.  And as Jewish Calgarians prepare to welcome the New Year, they are also welcoming a fresh new approach to charitable giving.

“The UJA Campaign is special because it is how we take care of what is important to Jewish Calgarians. Our priorities are formally set by the board of Calgary Jewish Federation and are based on the recommendations of the talented and committed volunteers on the Programs and Allocations Committee (PAC).  But community members also have their own favourite UJA partner agencies that are close to their heart,” says Micah Libin, UJA Chair.

“With UJAplus you can now support community priorities with your base pledge and direct 75 per cent of your increase to your favourite partner agency.”

This new donor option, which was officially launched with the 2011 UJA campaign, is geared toward all current contributors as well as first-time donors.

“We are really excited to bring members of our community this opportunity,” says Libin.  “Those who give their first-ever gift, and those who increase their previous gift, can direct 75 per cent of the increase to the UJA partner agencies of their choice.”

“This means a real potential boost for Akiva Academy, Calgary Community Kollel, Calgary JCC, Calgary Jewish Federation programs, Camp BB-Riback, Jewish Family Service Calgary, The Calgary Jewish Academy and charitable projects in Israel,” says Calgary Jewish Federation Executive Director Drew Staffenberg who adds that the agencies are enthusiastic about the new initiative.

“In the past, they have had to concentrate far too hard on additional fundraising.  When the community responds generously, as we know they will, our front-line service providers can concentrate their efforts on what they do best, from teaching our children to caring for our bubbies and zaidies.”

“Calgary Jewish Federation and our UJA Campaign will do what we do best, growing the community’s potential as Jewish Calgary’s primary centre of Jewish philanthropy and fueling the programs and services that take our community where we collectively need and want to go.”

According to UJA organizers, UJAplus should help to significantly reduce the growing and unnecessary cost of multiple fundraising campaigns.  It means that less of each charitable dollar will be spent on raising funds.  That means more value for UJA partner agencies and the Jewish community as a whole. 

“This community is full of caring and generous men and women who support UJA and our community priorities while also giving elsewhere.  Now, through a single campaign, you can stand united with your community and direct most of your increased gift to the worthy recipient agency of your choice,” says Libin.

Those who prefer not to make those decisions can leave the allocation of funds in the hands of Federation leaders who will ensure that undesignated funds are allocated where the need is greatest.

Upon payment of pledges, designated partner agencies will receive the full funds earmarked for them by donors and will, in turn, acknowledge their generosity.  Donor designated funds will not impact the annual allocations process, meaning that they are truly a plus for the agencies receiving them.

“The potential for UJAplus to transform the campaign and community is huge.  We are counting on every member of the community to do a world of good, to celebrate a New Year by giving in a new way,” notes Federation President Adam Singer.

“UJAplus is one of several new efforts to make our annual campaign even more responsive to our changing community,” adds Micah Libin.  “Tzedakah takes many forms.  The most important thing is to give.”

“We have listened to long-time and potential supporters and partners.    Now we need everyone to add plus value by joining the conversation, celebrating community life and funding Jewish Calgary’s future.”

For more information about UJA and UJAplus, go to www.jewishcalgary.org.  To discuss your UJAplus donation further, please contact Diana Kalef, UJA Director at 403-444-3154 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Drew Staffenberg at 403-444-3151 or dstaffenberg@ jewishcalgary.org or talk to any member of our UJA campaign leadership team

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