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Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00

Gurevitch family endows Jewish film festival


Sept 2011 034To help celebrate his 75th birthday, Ralph Gurevitch’s family gave him a movie.

Actually, they gave him a whole lot of movies, enough for a lifetime, as family members joined together to endow “The Dr. Ralph Gurevitch Tikkun Olam Screening.”

As fans of the popular Beth Tzedec Jewish film Festival well know, the Tikkun Olam screening is often one of the most inspiring and riveting aspects of the festival as it provides a venue for films that raise awareness about ethical, social justice and human rights issues.


In the past the Tikkun Olam screening has focused on topics such as Soviet Refuseniks, the work of social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin who uses his camera to promote social justice worldwide, and last year’s film “Wrong Side of the Bus,” an examination of the roles of the Jewish community in South Africa in the era of apartheid.

Social justice
Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00


Social justice: More than just sprinkles on top


By Arthur Wolak

For the Jewish Free Press


Ben Cohen 038After Ben Cohen and business partner Jerry Greenfield completed a course on ice cream making, they established their first ice cream shop in 1978 and went on to build one of the largest ice cream businesses in America — a $300 million business empire — under the international banner name, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.


Choosing ice cream over bagels as their vehicle to prosperity, they initially lacked location. “We figured if it was going to be ice cream, it should be a warm, rural college town,” noted Cohen during a recent visit to the Northwest, but their analysis discovered that competition had already beaten them to the hot spots. “We decided to throw out the criteria of warm and ended up in Burlington, Vermont,” where cold and snowy winters are legendary. Cohen still calls Burlington home.

Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00


Performing artist Socalled brings
unique Yiddish/hip-hop to B’nai Tikvah


For the Jewish Free Press

 Socalled photo C1058752


In the forty or so centuries since Miriam led the Hebrew women in song after leaving Egypt, and the twenty-five or so centuries since the Jews sang "By the Rivers of Babylon" after being exiled from Israel (way before Boney M discoed that one up), be it cantorial music, nigunim or klezmer, Jewish music has been about the Jewish experience. One brilliant example of how that traditional approach has been altered by the diversity of Jewish life and Jewish music in the 21st century is coming to Temple B'nai Tikvah on Monday, October 17 – the artist Socalled.

From the Sources
Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00

No Kidding

By Eliezer Segal

For the Jewish Free Press



The traditional Jewish culinary practice of separating meat from dairy has its roots in the scriptural prohibition "You shall not boil a kid in its mother's milk" which appears three times in the Torah, and hence was expounded by the ancient Jewish sages as referring not only to cooking, but also to eating or deriving any other benefit from the mixture. The reason for this law is not explained in the Bible, and commentators have suggested diverse ethical, hygienic and other rationales to account for it.

Ribbon cutting for new CJA playground
Friday, 09 September 2011 21:09

By Richard Bronstein

The Jewish Free Press

Wednesday, August 31 was rainy and cold; the exact kind of day not to dedicate a new playground, but school kids, staff, parents and dignitaries put on their best outdoor gear and carried on with great enthusiasm.

And what is there not to be enthusiastic about when two years of effort comes to fruition and you can proudly point to a spanking new 7,000 square foot playground that is the latest in design and function.

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